For Collett-Zarzycki, every project and client is unique. Some clients come to us with design ideas of their own, looking for guidance and interpretation; while others are more than happy to hand over the entire creative process to a trusted team of professional architects, designers and artisans. At Collett-Zarzycki, we are always happy to listen to our clients, whatever their needs may be as we know that a sensitive approach is paramount when translating a client’s vision into reality.

Our twenty-five year old architectural design practice houses a talented team of over twenty architects, designers and consultants, sharing a broad range of inter-locking skills. This gives us the opportunity to embrace every aspect of architectural, interior and landscape design. Collett-Zarzycki collaborates regularly with a complementary network of artisans, craftsmen, artists and specialists, who help us to create some of the most spectacular residences in London and the UK, as well as homes across Europe, America, and the Far East.

Collett-Zarzycki has always placed emphasis upon the importance of craftsmanship and characterful materials, striving for the best possible results. Whether exterior elements such as masonry and brickwork, or interior detailing such as joinery, metalwork and upholstery, the design team always aims for the finest finishes. While drawing upon the past for inspiration, Collett-Zarzycki’s goal is for a contemporary feel in the use of space, form, colour and comfort.

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